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BlogPoll Ballot Week 8: Maybe This Makes Sense, But I'm Not So Sure

There are issues with this week's BlogPoll ballot. Or are there?

Chris Trotman

I tinkered with this one for a while and I'm still not sure I'm completely happy with it. Which is another way of saying your comments might be needed more this week than most. Heregoes:

Major issues and shifts as I see them:

  • South Carolina might not have moved down enough. I'm not a huge fan of paying big attention to the deltas, in part because there are too many variables that play into the rankings. That said, I'm not sure that South Carolina is necessarily the right fit at 12. On the other hand, I don't see too many people behind them I'm willing to put at No. 12, either. This looks like a classic week when there are about 15 Top 25 teams and about 10 Top 15 teams.
  • Florida State and Louisville move up in a major way. The Clemson win looks a lot better for Florida Sate now, and Louisville is staring to get some credit for going undefeated.
  • Mississippi State moves down. I'm of two minds about that. The first is that the Bulldogs haven't played anyone yet, and will start to move up if they beat teams as their schedule improves. On the other hand, 18th seems low for an SEC team that's 7-0.
  • Attack of the B1G. Look around before you criticize the re-emergence of the Up North Conference. There aren't as many alternatives as you might think.

The chart: