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SEC Blitz, Week 8

News and notes from around the conference, just past the halfway point of the season.

Roll Bama Roll

Alabama fans got a scare when AJ McCarron left the Missouri game temporarily with an injury. Could the Tide still make it to Miami without him?

Arkansas Expats

Taking a look at the coaches who might be on Arkansas' radar.

College and Magnolia

This version of the Tiger offense leaves many people scratching their heads.

Alligator Army

At 6-0 and No. 2 in the BCS rankings, is it time to start considering Florida a legitimate national title contender?

Dawg Sports

No one's paying attention to it, but we actually have a game this weekend. Sure, we're all still shell-shocked from the events of two weeks ago, but at some point we (both as a team and a fan base) have to realize the sky never fell and in fact, after the events of this past weekend, the ceiling has been raised.

A Sea of Blue

Patrick Towles can now get up on his toes, which is a very good sign for a high ankle sprain.

And the Valley Shook

Losing sucks, and the only cure is Saturday Night in Death Valley.

Red Cup Rebellion

The Ole Miss Rebels ended a two-year losing streak to SEC teams, bettering the Auburn Tigers in Oxford.

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

If I hear "classic trap game" one more time, I'm going to sic Quay Evans on someone.

Rock M Nation

The easy passes have vanished from Missouri's offense, and while part of the reason for that has been beyond the Tigers' control (opposing defenses have been great, and the injuries have added up), it's time to rectify that.

Garnet and Black Attack

If the Gamecocks lose in The Swamp, they will need a lot of help from other teams to get back to Atlanta.

Rocky Top Talk

We all know the win/loss situation. But that's not the only factor on which to judge coaches. And after all, Dooley never promised wins, at least not in any specified timeframe. So what did he promise? And has he delivered? Rocky Top Talk writers weigh in.

Good Bull Hunting

Hey guys! We won and scored 59 points last week! Yippee! Oh....but we also gave up 57 weeks. Bending Crew! Bending Crew! What is going on with our defense in complete meltdown mode? Let's look and see under Mark Snyder's defensive hood.

Anchor of Gold

Vanderbilt couldn't keep up with #4 Florida in a 31-17 loss on Saturday night. Can their defensive and special teams lapses be fixed?