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BlogPoll Ballot Week 7: Better Late than Never, C&F Said Hopefully

You've still got a few hours to get back to me on this. I might need it

Matthew Holst - Getty Images

I try to get this up earlier than this most weeks. But I needed a day or so to recover from the South Carolina loss before turning to tasks like this, so heregoes.

Kansas State didn't move up as much as Alabama moved down after another less-than-inspirational week for the Tide's schedule. This will take care of itself by the end of the season -- if Alabama defeats LSU, Mississippi State, Texas A&M and the SEC East winner, they'll be at No. 1. Kansas State also benefited from Oregon's bye week and South Carolina tumbling after the market correction that was the LSU game.

Notre Dame and Oregon State won significant games, though you can certainly argue that Notre Dame's was more significant than Oregon State's. LSU rebounds with the South Carolina win, which is worth more than any win on the South Carolina schedule (which is how resume voting takes account of head-to-head), and Oklahoma's win against Texas Tech looks a lot better now. As does Texas Tech itself, of course.

I might have overcorrected on Georgia, Louisville and Florida State, whose falls make up all but one of the spots Southern Cal "gained" on the ballot. I don't think the ballot goes sideways anywhere else -- but let me know if you feel that it does. If nothing else, I can take the comments into account next week, when I'll hopefully get this done earlier because I'm celebrating a victory.