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Ole Miss 41, Auburn 20: Hugh Freeze Gets an SEC Win as the Tigers Bottom Out. We Think

The Rebels put down an early Auburn rally to send the Tigers' season to new lows

Chuck Cook-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

There were a few brief moments in the second quarter when it felt like Auburn really had a chance to win this game. At one point, the Tigers led the Rebels 17-14 after reeling off three unanswered scores. And then Ole Miss put a field goal on the board before halftime, tacked on a touchdown in a little bit more than a minute to start the third quarter. Game over.

To be sure, Auburn made one last valiant effort, a ten-play field goal drive later in the quarter to draw to a 24-20 deficit. So Ole Miss tacked on 17 points in an increasingly ugly fourth quarter to give Hugh Freeze his first SEC win going away.

And the stat sheet was literally as lopsided as the scoreboard. Ole Miss churned out 451 yards of total offense to 212 for Auburn. The Tigers got just 2.4 yards per rushing attempt. Clint Moseley went from going 9-of-9 passing to open the game to going 2-of-9 to close it. Tre Mason had a solid day running and returning kicks, but that was about it.

Bo Wallace, meanwhile, seemed to look like he's learning to be a quarterback in the SEC. He went 17-of-22 for 226 yards and a touchdown, and also had a touchdown reception on a trick play early in the game. Jeff Scott had 207 all-purpose yards on 24 touches, including a 55-yard touchdown reception in which he landed on top of the defender, got up and ran the ball into the end zone.

Has Auburn hit rock bottom? Maybe. But the easiest conference game on the schedule from here on out is at Vanderbilt. So while Hugh Freeze is enjoying his first win in the SEC, Gene Chizik has to be hoping he hasn't already seen his last.