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Year2's Week 7 Picks

Predictions for each of the SEC's games this weekend.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

Last week: 2-4 straight up, 1-5 against the spread

Season: 46-10 straight up, 22-26 against the spread

This season has been frustrating predictions-wise because every time I think I have things figured out, things change. I really thought Arkansas's season was lost for good, that this was Georgia's breakthrough year finally, and that Florida just wasn't quite ready to win a game like last week's. All of those were wrong. I still am not convinced totally that Florida is for real, and probably only a blowout win over Vandy and an LSU win over South Carolina would get me that far this early in the season.

Anyway, here's hoping this week's picks aren't a waste of your time like last week's were.

Ole Miss (-5.5) over Auburn 26-20

I have no idea anymore with these two, but I'll take the home team. They at least have a plan on offense, and, believe it or not, Ole Miss is the best third down team in the conference so far.

Alabama (-21.5) over Missouri 38-6

Mizzou is wiped out by injuries right now, and Alabama is well rested coming off of the bye week. It's going to be very ugly along the lines.

Florida (-9) over Vanderbilt 24-17

The Gators don't lose these kinds of games, but they don't always win them by large margins either.

Arkansas (-18.5) over Kentucky 30-14

OK, yes, Arkansas seems to rehabbed itself against Auburn. And yes, UK is bad and it's a home game for the Pigs. Are you ready to pick them to cover that kind of number yet? Me either.

South Carolina (+2.5) over LSU 17-6

I'm not convinced LSU can move the ball on a good defense, and South Carolina's certainly applies.

Tennessee (+3) over Mississippi State 32-24

One of these teams has been through some battles, has a good win, and has a pronounced sense of urgency for every game. One of these teams has been just OK against a schedule rated in the 130s by Jeff Sagarin. I think you know who is who.

Texas A&M (-7.5) over Louisiana Tech 54-33

A&M will probably give up some points, but LA Tech doesn't play defense and will have problems with the Aggies' pass rush.