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BlogPoll Ballot, Week 5

A few quick thoughts on a BlogPoll ballot that is beginning to calm down a great deal.

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I don't have time to do an in-depth post this week -- and, besides, there's a lot less movement on the ballot this week to explain than there has been -- but a few thoughts. Ballot first, then bullets and chart.

  • Yes, the top is too SEC-heavy right now, but four of those five teams will play each other this weekend, so that's going to even it out a bit. Whoever loses is going to fall at least a few spots, at which point we'll probably have Notre Dame (ugh) and either Kansas State or Florida State (more ugh) as Top 5 teams. Until someone loses, though, I have a hard time telling too much difference between the Big 5.
  • South Carolina shouldn't really move up, but mostly does so because Kansas State fell for playing no one (meaning other teams' resumes got stronger in comparison to theirs) and Stanford fell for losing. Otherwise, they might have gone up only to No. 8, which isn't too far off the team they looked like in the second half.
  • UCLA feels too high and Southern Cal maybe feels a bit low, though the Trojans haven't really played anyone. I might need to take another look at that.
  • Bobcats, represent.
  • I can't believe I'm ranking Texas Tech here, and I believe that Tommy Tuberville will eventually prove me wrong.