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C&F's Final, Post-Bowl SEC Power Poll

1. Alabama
2. LSU
A power poll is supposed to be a set of rankings based on which team you think would beat the other team on a neutral field. I seem to remember something like that happening this week.

3. Arkansas
So do they get to play Alabama in a bowl game now?

4. South Carolina
Losing the special-teams coach might not be that big a deal. Losing Ellis Johnson ...

5. Georgia
Still trying to get UNLV added to their conference schedule for 2013.

6. Auburn
With Florida already hiring an offensive coordinator, Mike Shula is still available.

7. Florida
Can Boise State's offense work in the SEC? We're about to find out.

8. Vanderbilt
The next step is to get into the Top 3 in the SEC East. It's not going to be as easy as you might think.

9. Mississippi State
No, I never said that Mississippi State would end up third in the SEC West. What are you talking about?

10. Tennessee
The Vols are behind Vanderbilt and Kentucky in the SEC East standings and the coach is still gainfully employed. It's a long way back to the summit of Rocky Top.

11. Kentucky
It's an odd football season when Kentucky isn't in a bowl, which means it's become an odd era of football for Kentucky.

12. Ole Miss
[Insert Freeze pun]