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The SEC Cupcake Fest of Week 2: New Mexico, UAB and Central Michigan

At least they made sure they got the school colors right.
At least they made sure they got the school colors right.

Cupcakes. Everybody plays them. But we don't want to give anybody credit for doing so. That's why we're lumping them all into one small post and giving you a fun fact about any bad midmajors or FCS teams playing SEC teams each week. Call it our silent, and likely futile, protest.

Central Michigan at Kentucky, 12 pm ET, ESPNU: CMU was allowed to keep the nickname Chippewas after taking a series of steps to appease the Michigan Civil Rights Commission. Kentucky 7, Central Michigan 6

Auburn vs. Mississippi State, 12:30 pm ET, SEC Network: I kid.

Southern Illinois at Ole Miss, 6 pm ET: The Southern Illinois mascot, the Saluki, is actually an ancient Egpytian hunting dog. (It's a very long story.) But are you ready for the Saluki experience? No; no, you are not. Ole Miss 5, Southern Illinois 3

New Mexico at Arkansas, 7 pm ET, ESPNU: This game actually made the "What football game this weekend are you most excited to watch?" poll on the SEC front page, which should give you an idea of how pitiful the slate is. In any case, we have the answer to two questions you wanted to know. First, no, the Lobos nickname does not come from a one-hit wonder of the last decade. And two, we can tell you how the Lobos got their team colors.

Ms. Harriet Jenness, a faculty member who taught drawing, delsarte (drama), penmanship and music, suggested a change in school colors because black and gold did not give a true feeling of New Mexico. She suggested the crimson evening glow of the majestic Sandia mountains to the east. The silver came from when students and faculty took picnics in the Sandias and noted the Rio Grande looked like a silver ribbon winding through the valley below.

But there was a critical mistake made. "The crimson was later changed to cherry, the color of a Sandia sunset." Fortunately, the tragedy was averted before it cost any lives. Arkansas 52, New Mexico 13

UAB at Florida, 7:00 pm ET, FSN: In a sense, this is the 20th anniversary of UAB's first football game -- it's the opener for the Blazers, whose first NCAA contest took place in September 1991. Florida 57, UA 13

Northwestern State at LSU, 8 pm ET: Northwestern State considers the highlight of its athletics department's existence to be a three-quarters page spread on the front page of The New York Times sports section. Really. LSU 44, Northwestern State 9