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SEC Prop Bets for Week 2

Can Penn State manage more than one offensive touchdown on the Crimson Tide defense?
Can Penn State manage more than one offensive touchdown on the Crimson Tide defense?

All prop bets here are courtesy of the Year2 Sports Book Melee, Internet Cafe and BBQ Buffet's Week 2 Soiree, celebrating college football's second round of action with style and a side of sauce-mopping bread.

Offensive touchdowns scored by Penn State: 1.5

Alabama held Penn State to just three points last year, picking up turnovers any time the Nittany Lions threatened the end zone. PSU's quarterbacks didn't look worlds better last week either. However, Kent State did manage an offensive touchdown last week after one of Bama's four interceptions. There'a also the threat of garbage time touchdowns, so be careful with this one.

Rushing yards by Arkansas: 120

The Razorbacks only rushed for 102 yards against Missouri State last week, and just like in that game, Dennis Johnson will not play this weekend. The team might find more success against New Mexico, or it might focus on the running game more. It might also just bomb away through the air. It's hard to say.

Passing yards for Mississippi State against Auburn: 240

Utah State got more than that last week, but Auburn might have been looking ahead. MSU threw for 364 on Memphis, but it only got 129 yards passing last year against Auburn. Dan Mullen has been known to run a lot when he gets big leads, so that could keep the total down if the Bulldogs run away with it. However, the backup quarterback Tyler Russell is more of a thrower than a runner.

Total combined yards between South Carolina and Georgia: 700

Georgia and South Carolina always play each other close, and often times it's a low-scoring affair. Sometimes it's not though, and the offenses of these teams are probably better than their defenses. Do you buy these teams getting to about 350 yards apiece?

Morgan Newton completion percentage: 50%

Kentucky's new signal caller went just 7/18 against Western Kentucky, which is not quite the debut Joker Phillips was hoping for. No one caught more than two passes for the 'Cats. Will he be better and complete at least half of his passes against Central Michigan?

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