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SEC Power Poll Week One: 'Places!'


1. Alabama, 183.5 points (8.5 first-place votes)
2. LSU, 182.5 (7.5 first-place votes)
3. Arkansas, 158
4. Mississippi State, 138
5. South Carolina, 136
6. Florida, 114
7. Tennessee, 81
8. Georgia, 79
9. Auburn, 69
10. Vanderbilt, 41
11. Mississippi, 39
12. Kentucky, 27

The gap between Alabama and LSU was ever so narrow here, with one point separating them. That's the first tier: the battle for No. 1. Arkansas forms its own tier -- not quite in the main event but also not relegated to the next group, which is comprised of Mississippi State, South Carolina and Florida within 25 points of each other. Tennessee, Georgia and Auburn are a group that nobody seems to be able to figure out entirely, while Vanderbilt actually leads the bottom tier.



Ate a cupcake, but did it without dripping icing all over their uniforms.--A Sea Of Blue

Nick Saban is smiling and that is dangerous.--Leftover Hot Dog

Great defense and a questionable quarterback. Are we sure this isn't LSU?--And The Valley Shook


Good thing Petrino finally named a starting QB before the controversy really got out of hand *eyeroll*--War Eagle Reader

With the big fat caveat that the game was against Missouri State, Saturday's season-opening win did nothing to change our opinion that this is Bobby Petrino's most complete, most dangerous Razorback team.--Arkansas Expats

The Razorbacks sure like to schedule teams from Missouri early in the season (you hear that Mike Slive?)--The ACC and SEC Blog


As Georgia's shot at a statement win sank beneath the waves Saturday night, I asked myself: Would I rather get humbled by a top-five powerhouse on opening day, or win but need two late TDs and an on-side kick recovery to survive a bad WAC team at home? I can honestly say I'd take the former. And you can call me a homer all you want, Auburn fans, but it's gonna take a lot more than a few toilet-paper-covered trees to convince me y'all aren't going to be spending every last Saturday afternoon for the next three months waiting for your defense to implode.--SBN Atlanta

Needed a miracle to beat Utah St. Let that sink in.--And The Valley Shook

And here I thought spending all that time practicing onside kicks instead of basic defense was a waste.--War Eagle Reader


Oh, great, Charlie Weis knows what to do with Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey after all. I'm less sold on Jeff Brantley, but the center at least got him the ball, which was a marked improvement over last season's opener.--SBN Atlanta

I think the Gators could win the SEC or they could be 7-5 and I am no closer to a decision after the win over Fla. Atlantic.--The ACC and SEC Blog

They're still the Florida Gators, unfortunately.--Dawg Sports


Thanks for the nothing, Bulldogs. Now we're going to hear about Boise St. all year long and how they beat an SEC team.--And The Valley Shook

It is now or never for Mark Richt. He only has a few more seasons under the hot seat before being fired.--Hog Database

Seriously, y'all: what in the freaking world has happened to Mark Richt?--War Eagle Reader


An ugly win that inspires anything but confidence.--A Sea Of Blue

Western Kentucky was 2-31 against FBS teams in the three seasons leading up to Thursday night's game, yet as far as the Wildcats were concerned, they might as well have been the Steel Curtain. To call UK's offense a dumpster fire might be an insult to both dumpsters and fires, which can perform useful services in the proper context.--SBN Atlanta

We know what they're supposed to be. Let's just agree they're not.--War Eagle Reader


Would have been totally impressive if only Les Miles could spell "Geaux."--A Sea Of Blue

Quarterbacks?  They don't need no stinkin' quarterbacks!--Get the Picture

I thought Les Miles was crazy scheduling Oregon on top of the SEC West.  But after that win I am tuning out people who say he is just lucky.--The ACC and SEC Blog


Stellar punting game. Unfortunately, that's about all they've got.--Get the Picture

Somewhere, Mitch Mustain is laughing.--Arkansas Expats

This should really be 13, but Texas A&M isn't actually in the conference yet.--Anchor Of Gold


Dan Mullen has his squad ready to surprise the SEC.--Leftover Hot Dog

They played a punching bag too, but at least it was an FBS punching bag. And Sylvester Croom's teams would've needed a month to come up with 59 points.--SBN Atlanta

Dan Mullen is my hero for faking a punt in his own territory while up four touchdowns.--The ACC and SEC Blog


Spotting the other team 17 points was kind of a dumb way for Steve Spurrier to try and teach Stephen Garcia a lesson. Maybe his time would've been better spent teaching the rest of his offense how to hold on to the ball.--SBN Atlanta

Stephen Garcia calmly led the Gamecocks to a come from behind win. I never thought I would say that.--The ACC and SEC Blog

Ignore the mediocre effort against a halfway-decent opening opponent. The Palmetto State Poultry do this every year, and they always give the ‘Dawgs everything they can handle, and then some, in week two.--Dawg Sports


A thrashing of a I-AA also-ran doesn't really tell me much about whether a) Tyler Bray's decision-making has improved or b) that patchwork defense can hold up in an actual SEC dogfight.--SBN Atlanta

Tennessee looks to rock again this year. However, lack of returning defensive starters will not please Vol fans.--Hog Database

The Big Orange had the lead at the end of 60 minutes of play, yet held on to win the game. Baby steps, people, baby steps.--Dawg Sports


What is an "Elon?"--A Sea Of Blue

You play Elon and are still only 83rd in the country in total offense? Ugh.--Get the Picture

Beat Elon with elan.--War Eagle Reader