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Kicking Off: Ups and Downs for Week 1

A look at who's going which way in the conventional wisdom machine.

Takeup_medium STEPHEN GARCIA
Whatever you think about Garcia's off-field antics, he's obviously the best quarterback for the Gamecocks after leading a rout against East Carolina. Drinks are on him.

Keep the antacids aisles well-stocked and you'll make a fortune.

Takeup_medium LAWYERS
They might not be able to keep at least one major conference from spinning apart. But they're going to make a lot of money trying, and then a lot more writing the deals to keep the emerging superconferences from imploding.

Takeside_medium CHIP BROWN
Everybody's favorite expansion reporter (and supposed DeLoss Dodds mouthpiece) was all over the map -- dispatches in the last few days have placed Texas in the Pac-12, still in the Big 12 and, most bizarrely, in the ACC. Is there a college football conference based in Mexico?

Takedown_medium STEPHON GILMORE
Don't get us wrong -- the Gamecocks' corner is always in position to make a play on the ball. We just wish he would occasionally make a play on the ball.