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Ballotry: C&F's Half of the SEC Power Poll

We'll get a logo soon.

1. Alabama
One to LSU's 1a. And that's only because of preseason expectations.

2. LSU
Nice job on defense against the Ducks. Now, can you try to play at least a little offense?

3. Mississippi State
They defeated their Conference USA team without a death-defying first quarter, so they get the No. 3 spot.

4. South Carolina
Hard team to place. I actually think they'll lose to Arkansas, but because of match-up issues and not because they're an intrinsically "better" team than Arkansas. If the Hogs start winning some big games, the Gamecocks will fall.

5. Arkansas
Play someone and we'll talk about the top four.

6. Florida
Let's not get too far out on a limb for the Gators, but that was an impressive box score for a team that didn't have many against anybody last year. And at least they didn't allow their opponents 28 unanswered points, like ...

7. Georgia
A win next week and they'll shoot up my ballot. The margin of any loss would determine how low they can go. However, seeing as how it's a South Carolina-Georgia game, any MOL of more than seven will be a disaster.

8. Tennessee
Play someone and we'll talk about a higher ranking.

9. Auburn
The Tigers have Mississippi State right where they want them.

10. Vanderbilt
Egads, an offense. Sure, it was against Elon, and it really wasn't all that statistically impressive. Details, details.

11. Kentucky
When your quarterback falls on his back taking a snap, you have issues.

12. Ole Miss
Looks like they're in for another year of Rebel Black Bear jokes.