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Topics for Discussion // Week 1

Alabama or LSU? It's just the first week, but there are already some rumblings from the Twittersphere that it might be time to move LSU past Alabama in the polls based on the Bengals' performance against Oregon on Saturday night. So are you buying LSU stock right now? And do you think they get the edge over the Tide for the time being?

Um, Auburn vs. Utah State. The other Tigers were fortunate to win their home game against what has traditional been a pretty dreadful WAC team. In fact, an argument can be made that Utah State got the better of Auburn everywhere but the scoreboard. Auburn gained 80 fewer yards of total offense, had 17 first downs to USU's 27 and need a furious comeback to win. How worried should the Tigers be?

Who had the week's most underwhelming performance? There were certainly plenty to choose from, starting with Kentucky's showdown with Western Kentucky on Thursday and continuing through Auburn's aforementioned tilt with Utah State and Georgia's loss to Boise State.

Who's going to score the fewest points in the SEC in 2011? Kentucky and Ole Miss were among the teams that underwhelmed in offense for the entire game. But don't forget contenders like Auburn, which struggled early against Utah State.

Conference realignment: Hot or not? We're not saying that we're going to stop covering As the Big 12 Turns, because we can't and we won't. But aren't you kind of sick of having the realignment talk drip over into the football season? Aren't we supposed to get all that stuff done in June or July? Will you be paying closer attention to Texas A&M's games now that they seem headed for our fair league?