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Year2's Week 5 Picks

Last Week: 6-1 straight up, 3-3 against the spread

Season: 28-8 straight up, 12-14-1 against the spread

Mississippi State (+7) over Georgia 33-30

I think Mississippi State's offense is a bad matchup for Georgia, so I'm picking the western Bulldogs even though this one is in Athens.

Texas A&M (-3) over Arkansas 34-27

I guess we can retire the jokes about this being a future conference game now. As for this matchup specifically, Arkansas just isn't the same team this year as it was when it narrowly beat A&M last year.

LSU (-30) over Kentucky 48-3

This one will get ugly quickly.

Tennessee (-28) over Buffalo 42-17

Same here.

South Carolina (-10) over Auburn 38-35

This should be a bit of a shootout unless the Gamecock defensive line simply tears apart Auburn's offense.

Alabama (-4) over Florida 27-13

I'm amazed the line is only four. I want to believe Florida can compete in this one, but I don't see it happening. Alabama doesn't have to load up against the run to stop it, and Florida's passing game won't be beating anyone decent this season.

Fresno State (-3.5) over Ole Miss 24-21

I feel like this game could be Houston Nutt's Rubicon. If they play well, this thing can be salvaged. If they flop, it's over. In normal circumstances I think Nutt would get another year after this one regardless, but things in Oxford are going south in a hurry.