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SEC Open Thread // Weekend One

Even with the two tragedies games Thursday night, we've got a full slate and some decent games. I'll be attending to some personal business that proves that Northwest Florida doesn't acknowledge the existence of college football earlier in the day, but should be around in for the later games. In any case, hold forth below.

Utah State at Auburn, 12:00 pm ET, ESPN
Kent State at Alabama, 12:20 pm ET, SEC Network
BYU at Ole Miss, 4:45 pm ET, ESPN
Montana at Tennessee, 6:00 pm ET
East Carolina vs. South Carolina (Charlotte), 7:00 pm ET, Fox Sports Net
Missouri State at Arkansas, 7:00 pm ET
FAU at Florida, 7:00 pm ET, ESPNU
Elon at Vanderbilt, 7:00 pm ET, CSS
Boise State vs. Georgia (Atlanta), 8:00 pm ET, ESPN
Oregon vs. LSU (Arlington, TX), Saturday, 8:00 pm ET, ABC