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SEC Power Poll Results, Week 4: Trades


1. LSU, 131 points (10 first-place votes)
2. Alabama, 122 (1)
3. Florida, 105
4. South Carolina, 102
5. Arkansas, 86
6. Auburn, 70
7. Georgia, 59.5
8. Tennessee, 54
9. Vanderbilt, 50
10. Mississippi State, 45.5
11. Kentucky, 19.5
12. Mississippi, 13.5

LSU and Alabama continue to lead the field. Florida leap-frogs South Carolina this week, but Arkansas was ahead of the Gamecocks to start the week, so it's more like the Gators and the Razorbacks switched places. (Not that South Carolina's performance against Navy wouldn't have given pollsters reasons to drop them behind Florida regardless.) The Arkansas loss does knock them down into a thirdish tier, which is basically just Arkansas and Auburn. The next tier is Georgia-Tennessee-Vanderbilt-Mississippi State. And then we get to Kentucky and Ole Miss, waging a fierce battle for the annual Worst of the Best Cup. The Rebels took home eight last-place votes and split another with the Wildcats, who so far have somehow managed to stay out of the basement. (Did Ole Miss lose to a team that lost to FIU? I rest my case.)



That defense is simply filthy. Trent Richardson is every bit the running back that Marcus Lattimore is. It’s just that Bama isn’t nearly as reliant upon him to succeed.--Get the Picture

The two best teams in the country likely play in the SEC, and its an open question which one is the best. Your guess is as good as mine.--And The Valley Shook

It’s appropriate that Alabama’s most recent national championship trophy was put on display at Wal-Mart, as the Tide, like Wal-Mart, are ruthlessly and mechanically efficient to an extent that threatens the long-term viability of all competitors and comes across as downright scary.--Dawg Sports


Acquitted themselves reasonably well given the steamroller they ran into. They need an answer in the run game and they need it soon; Ronnie Wingo may not be that answer.--Rocky Top Talk

This club of cupcake-crushers had the equivalent of three-fourths of an NFL preseason (fractional portions of NFL seasons being a measurement with which the Arkansas head coach is quite familiar) to get ready for its first real game, and the Razorbacks failed miserably.--Dawg Sports

The good news, Razorbacks, is that at most you're only gonna face a couple more defenses like that this season. The bad news is we now know you're really not an elite offense without Knile Davis in the lineup.--SBN Atlanta


Auburn’s offense struggles two weeks in a row. It's time to worry if you're an AU fan.--Hog Database

Won comfortably for the first time this season, which should give them a leg up on the Sun Belt race. Still can't shake the feeling this team is held together by duct tape, Gus Malzahn, and hope.--Rocky Top Talk

Heading into a stretch where they have to play four straight top-20 teams, all but one away from home. If the Tigers keep playing like they did against Utah State and FAU, it's going to be one ugly October.--SBN Atlanta


Hello, October.--Get the Picture

Did exactly what you're supposed to do this year against Kentucky. If they're going to round into shape, that was the perfect time with an elephant steamroller looming.--Rocky Top Talk

The reports of the Gators’ demise have been greatly exaggerated.--And The Valley Shook


With every win the seat under Mark Richt gets a little bit cooler and the Bulldogs have a lot of winnable games left.--The ACC & SEC Blog

The Classic City Canines are money against any opponent other than a Division I-A team that will finish the season with a winning record.--Dawg Sports

Managed to unload on Ole Miss for 475 yards in a game in which they pretty much stopped caring after a half or so. Which is all well and good, but now is probably a good point in the season to start caring for the full 60 minutes.--SBN Atlanta


This team is just bad. Awful, soul-searingly bad.--Rocky Top Talk

Kentucky hasn't seen speed like that since (insert Kentucky Derby joke here).--The ACC & SEC Blog

I'm almost running out of ways to describe how bad they are, but I have a feeling I'll have some new metaphors by the time they finish getting blown up in Baton Rouge next week.--SBN Atlanta


For their next trick, the Tigers will successfully defend the Alamo.--Rocky Top Talk

I looked up playmaker on Wikipedia and Tyrann Mathieu's picture was there.--The ACC & SEC Blog

There are defenses that play good fundamentals and keep you from scoring points, and then there are defenses that want to make sure your bones are aching as you walk off the field. We've got a pretty good idea which one LSU is.--SBN Atlanta


Ole Miss bounces back to a decent loss?--Hog Database


Ole Miss is so bad, the Black Bears lost to Georgia at home. Houston Nutt may have just been Richted. It could be worse, though; if the Texas A&M Aggies had officially joined the league before the weekend, the Rebs would’ve ranked 13th.--Dawg Sports


The Bulldogs struggled with Louisiana Tech because they were looking ahead to Georgia? Seriously? Who gets caught looking ahead to Georgia these days?--Get the Picture

After needing overtime to beat La Tech, I think the bandwagon is looking pretty empty right now.--And The Valley Shook

Maybe Miss State just should not schedule La. Tech anymore.--The ACC & SEC Blog


Oh, South Carolina. How I want to give you credit for your potential, but can both halves of your team actually show up in the same game, please? I hope that's not too much to ask.--Rocky Top Talk

The defending SEC East champions continue to take care of business, dispensing with four valid challenges in the autumn’s first month. You can’t ask for much more from a team than that.--Dawg Sports

I'm really starting to think Stephen Garcia (16-of-30, one TD, four picks against Vanderbilt) is doing this on purpose to punish Steve Spurrier.--SBN Atlanta


The lack of depth is a real concern, but this is a dangerous team.--And The Valley Shook

I wonder what Derek Dooley wore on his off Saturday?--The ACC & SEC Blog

Scheduling Buffalo immediately following a bye week is so dumb it pretty much had to be Mike Hamilton's idea. Unless it was Lane Kiffin's. "Got the idea after reading that Malcolm Gladwell book. Last thing they'll be expecting, bro."--SBN Atlanta


Against South Carolina, the Commodores finished with more penalty yards (79) than yards on total offense (77). You don’t see that every day.--Get the Picture

This is a pretty good half of a team. Unfortunately, it's the half that James Franklin wasn't hired to fix, which is odd, but Vanderbilt's propensity to muddy up games should at least make them pesky at worst.--Rocky Top Talk

Believe it or not, this presently is the best team in the SEC never to have been coached either by Nick Saban or Steve Spurrier.--Dawg Sports