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Half the SEC Power Poll Ballot

1. LSU

Still cruising and handing out bruisings.

2. Alabama

The offense looked good against North Texas, but whose wouldn't?

3. Arkansas

I didn't get to see any of Arkansas' game against Troy, but given the 24-7 halftime score, I'll bet they started looking ahead to the Bama game after intermission.

4. South Carolina

Given that this team actually lost its big let down game of last year (Kentucky), I'll give it some credit for winning this year's.

5. Florida

They finally played and beat a real opponent, but they won't get another for two weeks.

6. Tennessee

The Vols made a game of it towards the end even without Justin Hunter. Him tearing his ACL is bad, bad news for this team, but they have a lot of fight.

7. Georgia

Probably the best 1-2 team in the country.

8. Auburn

If the offense couldn't bail out the defense against Clemson, the dire preseason predictions are still on the table.

9. Mississippi State

Just couldn't get anything going against LSU, though not many teams will.

10. Vanderbilt

None of the three wins are over great teams, but you always take 3-0 at Vandy.

11. Kentucky

Hey, someone found their way out of the conference basement!

12. Ole Miss

And look who probably moved in for a while.