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PollGaze Week 4: Downsized to Five

The SEC has hit a new low when it comes to number of ranked teams. Up until last weekend, the conference had anywhere from six to eight teams in the polls, but this week, each ranking only has five SEC teams. The culprits were Auburn and Mississippi State, who were in the bottom of the polls and lost.

In the AP Poll, LSU leapfrogged Alabama a week after the Tide had passed up the Tigers. Their places in the poll once again reflect the number of first place votes they have, as Bama actually had fewer first place votes a week ago despite being higher than LSU. South Carolina dropped two spots to No. 12 after struggling with Navy. Nebraska and Oregon passed the Gamecocks up in the ranking. Arkansas once again didn't move from its spot at No. 14. Florida moved up a slot to No. 14 not so much due to the win over Tennessee but because of Michigan State's loss to Notre Dame.

There was even less movement in the Coaches' Poll for the SEC teams. Alabama and LSU remained second and third, respectively, as they have been since the poll after LSU's win over Oregon. South Carolina moved up one position as Florida State plummeted down from fifth to fourteenth. Arkansas advanced a spot to 12 for the same reason. Florida gained to spots to equal its No. 15 ranking in the AP Poll, passing up the falling Ohio State and Michigan State.

Auburn is within striking distance of reentering the AP Poll, as it's second in the others receiving votes list. It can't impress too much by beating lowly FAU this weekend, but it might sneak back in with if some of the teams in the bottom of the poll lose. Auburn is likewise the top SEC team in the others receiving votes section of the Coaches Poll, but it's eleventh in line there. While six teams in the AP Poll is a distinct possibility for next week, it's probably not going to happen with the Coaches.