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The SEC Cupcake Fest of Week 1: Utah State, Elon and Montana on the Docket

Cupcakes. Everybody plays them. But we don't want to give anybody credit for doing so. That's why we're lumping them all into one small post and giving you a fun fact about any bad midmajors or FCS teams playing SEC teams each week. Call it our silent, and likely futile, protest.

Utah State at Auburn, 12:00 pm ET, ESPN: Rather than try to retell this one, I'll just let the Utah State website describe the original "Big Blue" to you.

Originally Big Blue was a real white bull painted blue before each game. When the Spectrum was first built, however, there was concern that Big Blue would scuff up the new basketball court, so Big Blue was donned with red rubber boots; this was a disaster. Because of the damage done to the football field and the basketball court Big Blue was discontinued.

Auburn 34, Utah State 10

Kent State at Alabama, 12:20 pm ET, SEC Network: Kent State alumni include Don King, Arsenio Hall and Nick Saban. Let's see if Saban goes a little easy on his alma mater. Alabama 42, Kent State 6

Montana at Tennessee, 6:00 pm ET: Montana's fight song contains these words:

And the squeal of the pig will float on the air;
From the tummy of the Grizzly Bear.

Tennessee 43, Montana 17

Missouri State at Arkansas, 7:00 pm ET: Even Missouri State doesn't want anything to do with the Big 12. Arkansas 54, Missouri State 3

FAU at Florida, 7:00 pm ET, ESPNU: The Owls' head coach is Howard Schnellenberger. What more do you want? Florida 24, FAU 10

Elon at Vanderbilt, 7:00 pm ET, CSS: Elon's alumni include one of baseball's most controversial umpires, Joe West. Vanderbilt 36, Elon 7