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Half of the BlogPoll Ballot

Early season polls mean nothing.

1. Oklahoma

2. LSU

3. Alabama

4. Wisconsin

5. Boise State

I think the FSU team Oklahoma beat on the road is a better team than the Oregon team LSU beat at a favorable neutral site. I want to reward those teams for scheduling aggressively, so they go on top. Take the rest and shuffle them; I really don't care much.

6. Arkansas

7. Texas A&M

8. Oklahoma State

9. Stanford

10. FSU

The first four from this grouping keep cruising; Arkansas will either validate my high ranking of them or prove me a fool this weekend. I can't put FSU too far down because, again, I don't want to punish a team for aggressive scheduling.

11. Nebraska

12. South Carolina

13. Virginia Tech

14. Oregon

15. Baylor

I want to drop all of these teams lower. I wish I could.

16. West Virginia

17. TCU

18. Georgia Tech

19. Houston

20. Florida

We'll also get to see this weekend if my relatively aggressive ranking of West Virginia is justified. Georgia Tech has been hammering cupcakes, but I'm impressed with the magnitude of their hammerings. Past GT, I start to wonder, "Do I really not have better teams to put here?"

21. Illinois

22. Clemson

23. USF

24. Michigan

25. Michigan State

A bunch of teams ranked only because they're undefeated and Michigan State. Not a great ending to the ballot. Anyone got any better ideas?