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Ole Miss Fans Buy Newspaper Ad Slamming University Leadership

A group of Ole Miss fans calling itself "Forward Rebels" has taken out an ad in five Mississippi newspapers in addition to the Memphis newspaper advocating change. Here is the text of the ad:

A cloud hangs over us. We're told we'll never compete in the SEC.

That we lack the talent. The fan support. And the funding.

We respectfully disagree.

We believe that Ole Miss can compete in the SEC. And win championships.

We believe that our coaches are not the problem. Or our athletes. Or our fans.


The Ole Miss Administration is the problem.


Our leadership has failed us. And our leadership must be held accountable.

Our coaches and athletes deserve it. Ole Miss supporters deserve it. 

We've waited long enough. We're tired of losing.


It's time for a change.

This ad is clearly a shot at university chancellor Dan Jones and probably athletic director Pete Boone too. Kyle Veazey points out that Boone is under contract for another couple of years, and that unrest from fans could complicate the school's upcoming $150 million facilities fundraising push. I noticed that the fundraising campaign is titled "Forward Together", which makes me think the "Forward Rebels" group name is a direct reference. (Note: I'm told that "Forward Rebels" is the title of the Ole Miss fight song, so there might not be a direct referent there. It's what I get for not doing the research. I'm also told the group predates the capital campaign. This is what I get for trying to be clever.)

While this ad says that the coaches aren't the problem, one coach in particular probably draws some of their ire. Maybe it's just coincidence that the ad ran two days after the football team lost 30-7 to Vanderbilt, but I have a feeling it's not. I also have a feeling that Houston Nutt's current $6 million buyout is one of the failures of leadership that these fans are complaining about.

Boone, for his part, sent a letter to season ticket holders acknowledging the team's recent poor performance and asking for support anyway.