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SEC Football Topics for Discussion

Can you identify the favorite in the SEC East? You can make a strong case right now for Florida, even if they let Tennessee back off the mat in the second half. South Carolina spent all night trying to figure out Navy's offense and get past their defense. And don't forget that Vanderbilt is actually 3-0 right now and faces off with South Carolina next week.

The streak is over. What do you think of Auburn now? The Tigers were competitive against Clemson early before fading at the end. Clemson outscored Auburn 17-3 in the second half to put the game out of reach. So we now have a little better idea of what Auburn's ceiling is. How many games do they win this year?

Big games next week -- who you got? There are two major games on the docket for the coming week, as Alabama meets Arkansas for the CBS afternoon game and LSU squares off with West Virginia on Saturday Night Football. And there are even some intriguing undercards, from the aforementioned Vanderbilt-South Carolina clash and Georgia taking on Ole Miss. What game will you be watching most closely, and who's the favorite?

Who's on the hotter seat: Mark Richt or Houston Nutt? Richt had to win Saturday; if he'd lost to Coastal Carolina, he would be unemployed right now. Losing by 23 to Vanderbilt probably didn't help Nutt's increasingly precarious situation in Oxford. So which of them has a shorter plank to walk for the remainder of the season?

Who do you want for the 14th team? It looks like the ACC teams are off the table, if rumors of a boost in the buyout is true, which leaves the SEC with Missouri, West Virginia, Louisville and maybe TCU. (No, Mike Bianchi, UCF is not going to be invited to the SEC.) Or is there a candidate I'm missing here? Who would you most like to have, and why?