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Tennessee Vs. Florida Preview: The Game Matters for the Right Reasons Again

Tennessee Volunteers at Florida Gators, 3:30 p.m. ET, CBS

It's been a few years since this game has meant something for the right reason. Back in 2009, you'll recall, it was highly anticipated because the Gators were supposed to drop 50 on the Vols to teach Lane Kiffin and his big mouth a lesson. Last year's game was Derek Dooley's SEC debut.

Now, it matters because of football and positioning. One of the SEC East frontrunners, South Carolina, has looked uneven at best in the early season. The other, Georgia, has looked even worse, and the head coach is beginning to feel the flames underneath his chair.

Both teams have spent the first two weeks annihilating weak opponents -- only woeful Cincinnati out of the Big East has given either of them a BCS opponents. But they've looked very, very nice doing so. They've out scored their opponents by a combined 167-42 score. If you're looking for something to worry about as a Vols fan, 39 of those points have been scored by Tennessee's opponents.

As with all of Tennessee's significant games this year, this one will likely come down to Tyler Bray. I know your history tells you that the team that runs the most wins this game -- but I don't care, because this is not a history lesson. If Bray spends the entire afternoon incinerating the Florida secondary, the Volunteers will have a decent chance of pulling this one out.

But it still might not matter. Florida is at home for the first SEC game of the Will Muschamp Era. That and Chris Rainey is enough to give them a narrow win in a high-scoring game.

Florida 45, Tennessee 43

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