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The SEC Cupcake Fest of Week 3: Troy, North Texas and Coastal Carolina

Cupcakes. Everybody plays them. But we don't want to give anybody credit for doing so. That's why we're lumping them all into one small post and giving you a fun fact about any bad midmajors or FCS teams playing SEC teams each week. Call it our silent, and likely futile, protest.

Coastal Carolina at Georgia, 1 p.m. ET: A Chanticleer, which is Coastal Carolina's mascot, is a fancy word from Chaucer for rooster.

For crowing there was not his equal in all the land. His voice was merrier than the merry organ that plays in church, and his crowing from his resting place was more trustworthy than a clock. His comb was redder than fine coral and turreted like a castle wall, his bill was black and shone like a jet, and his legs and toes were like azure. His nails were whiter than the lily and his feathers were like burnished gold

It's essentially a rip-off of the Gamecocks, and they admit as much. Georgia 34, Coastal Carolina 3

North Texas at Alabama, 7:30 p.m. ET, FSN: The Mean Green have too many traditions -- a cannon, a bell, a car and a tower among them. Of course, they also count the crowd yelling first down as a "tradition," as if it's not done in every football stadium in the country. They could probably use the cannon this week, though. Alabama 45, North Texas 10

Troy at Arkansas, 7:30 p.m. ET, CSS: Anyone who goes to Troy's website for the first time in a while is implored to "Be There When It Happens," though the site never really clarifies what "it" is. This is a critical difference; I would like to be there if "it" is a stirring football, less so if we're talking about a typhoid epidemic. In any case, they won a national championship with Chan Gailey as head coach. Really. Arkansas 42, Troy 24