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SEC Power Poll Results for Week 2: Shudder


1. LSU, 151.1 points (8.5 first-place votes)
2. Alabama, 147.5 (4.5)
3. South Carolina, 121.5
4. Arkansas, 118.5
5. Florida, 102
6. Auburn, 94
7. Mississippi State, 73.5
8. Tennessee, 66
9. Georgia, 53.5
10. Vanderbilt, 43
11. Mississippi, 23
12. Kentucky, 20



Went far away from home to face a much better defense than they saw in Week 1, but still managed to cut their turnovers down from five to zero. If that sloppy performance against Kent State was just opening-day jitters on the part of the Tide QBs, it's officially time to raise the threat level back to red for Saban's team.--SB Nation Atlanta

Number 5 nationally in total defense and 47th nationally in total offense.  Yeah, that sounds about right.--Get the Picture

This is looking just a bit like 2009 lite; the passing game has yet to really get going, but it'll be Death Star Operational when it does.--Rocky Top Talk


Through two games, the Hogs have only returned three kickoffs.  My, those cupcakes are tasty.--Get the Picture

Could you imagine if they did have Knile Davis?--Leftover Hot Dog

Listen, when we get into conference play, gripes about Boise State's strength of schedule are fair game, but, until the Hogs actually man pig up and play someone, I don't want to hear about the easy row the Broncos have to hoe.--Dawg Sports


That defense is going to get them all killed one of these days. Then again, I remember saying that 20 or 30 times last year.--SBN Atlanta

It hasn't been pretty, but they're 2-0, with one of those victories coming against an actual SEC team.--Red Cup Rebellion

If I can credit the Bulldogs with a moral victory, am I also allowed to dock Gene Chizik for suffering moral defeats?--Dawg Sports


Arkansas lite so far; we likely don't know anything about this team yet. Tennessee will tell a lot.--Rocky Top Talk

We'll find out how good they are versus the Vols next week.--A Sea of Blue

Looked good through the first two games but let's see how the Gators do against worthy opponents.--Leftover Hot Dog


I feel a lot better after Georgia's season after this loss. They actually looked like they cared about the outcome, which is a step up from the Boise game.--And the Valley Shook

If you're looking for a silver lining in that 0-2 start, consider this: the Dawgs have likely faced the best quarterback, best running back, best wide receiver and two best defensive fronts they'll see all season.--Get the Picture

I just got Mark Richts resume in the mail.--A Sea of Blue


A much better performance on offense this week though that is not saying much.--The ACC & SEC Blog

The worst 2-0 team in history.--And the Valley Shook

I know, they're undefeated. They also trailed Central Michigan by a touchdown at halftime in Lexington. The ‘Cats are the shakiest 2-0 team in the league, which is saying something in a conference whose 2-0 teams include Auburn, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt.--Dawg Sports


Tigers are still the most impressive team in the nation thus far.--The ACC & SEC Blog

One thing to keep an eye on -- the Tigers are second in the conference in turnover margin and haven't thrown an interception yet. If Jarrett Lee can merely avoid screwing up, this team will go places.--Get the Picture

Once again, LSU completely baffles me. I read more into LSU actually taking care of business for once (which they've had issues with) than going all Springfield Mystery Spot on Oregon (which they do).--Rocky Top Talk


Houston Nutt would like to schedule more of Southern Illinois and less of everyone else.--The ACC & SEC Blog

Still looking for a reason they won't go 4-8 again this year, and still not finding one.--SBN Atlanta

I've spent most of this season avoiding Ole Miss. I plan on continuing this trend.--Rocky Top Talk


Proud owner of the most useless skin on the wall; I'm not sure Memphis could even get six wins in D2 this year. Should give LSU fits, but expecting a win might be a slight bit optimistic.--Rocky Top Talk

MSU is the second school in a row to be victimized by Auburn's last-second heroics.--A Sea of Blue

I know they'll rebound from last week, but it's still hard to predict that State will not go winless against SEC West teams not named "Ole Miss" this fall.--Red Cup Rebellion


South Carolina depends on Lattimore once again to pull them ahead. Lattimore had 176 yards on 22 carries. Garcia was miserable as he threw two intercpetions to bring Georgia back into the game.--Hog Database

The 'Cocks won their messy struggle with Georgia. But that secondary and Garcia are going to cost them some games this year.--Get the Picture

Who needs an offense when your defensive end can score twice?--A Sea of Blue


Great, your QB passes for 405 yards and 4 TD on 83% completion plus a TD on the ground and now nobody thinks you're a sleeper. Welcome to the land of expectations.--Rock Top Talk

News flash out of Knoxville -- Vols have a offense.--Leftover Hot Dog

The Vols are basically Arkansas with a worse color scheme and a bigger stadium. Well, that, and a win over Cincinnati that was tied at 14 after the first quarter in Knoxville.--Dawg Sports


Vanderbilt defeats defending Big East Champion.--Hog Database

The offense is still lucky to get out of its own way, but the defense is stout enough and they're disciplined in terms of turnovers. That's more or less the same recipe they used to get to a bowl game in '08.--SBN Atlanta

The Music City Mariners have a win over a team from an automatically-qualifying BCS conference. Yes, Connecticut still counts. No, really, it does.--Dawg Sports