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Sprints Would Welcome FSU to the SEC, But Doesn't Expect Them to Join // 09.14.11

Team Speed Kills Now. Then.
Last night's episode:


The latest unexpected twist in the conference realignment soap opera
I honestly did not see this coming.

Florida State has begun taking forceful steps to prepare itself for conference realignment, whether that means joining Florida in the SEC or becoming part of an ACC super conference that may include Texas.

With recent talk of a possible formation of four super conferences, Andy Haggard, chairman of FSU's board of trustees, said Tuesday that his school has begun forming a committee that will explore the university's options. He says FSU should be prepared for any scenario, whether it's moving to another conference or staying in the ACC and having a say in who else may join the league.

Now, there are many many reasons to be extremely careful about reading too much into this report. The first is the reported and widely accepted "gentlemen's agreement" between Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and/or Kentucky to keep the BCS programs in those states out of the SEC. Unless Florida has had a change of heart, that agreement could block FSU. And it might not be all; FSU shares recruiting stomping grounds with schools like Auburn and Alabama as well. So it would be a tough sell to bring the Seminoles to the SEC.

And that's even if they want to come. The Noles could just be making a play to get some more power or money out of the ACC, particularly if Texas signs up and demands a bigger slice of the pie than just another ACC team. And if Texas joins, the idea of FSU leaving that conference for the SEC becomes preposterous.

Then again, I would have told you several months ago that the idea of Texas going to a conference whose westernmost member is based in Tallahassee was preposterous. So stranger things have happened.

Chipper: Why Texas should join the ACC
Basically, this is DeLoss Dodds' pitch to the Longhorns' faithful.

Might Oklahoma stay?
And this has one of the biggest caveats of all: It's an ESPN report on conference realignment. I'll put the disclaimer they should put on all their realignment stories there for them. ESPN has television deals with every BCS conference and is a part owner of the Longhorn Network, and would have to rework many of its contracts if a major realignment shift occurred.

"There is strong interest within the leadership of Oklahoma about the Pac-12, really strong, but to characterize it as already (having) been done, well, that's going too far," said the source. "It is fair to say there is strong interest, but that doesn't mean the Big 12 is not an option anymore. The concern is long-term stability."

The problem is that it's hard to see stability in the Big 12, and that most of the rest of the comments in the article sound like they're coming form someone who's already made up their mind to leave.


Gary Danielson replaces Tim Tebow
Everyone's favorite CBS analyst has a new favorite quarterback now that Tim Tebow and (to a lesser extent) Matthew Stafford have moved on. It rhymes with Lyler Jay.

"Part of that stuff of a stallion like Tyler, you don't take it all out of him, and you can still tell he has that wild side to him, and that's good,'' Danielson said on a Tuesday conference call. "He thinks he can fit the ball in anywhere. I have been touting him for a year and a half. He was my breakout/sleeper player of the SEC this year.''

So it Tyler Bray whinnies during the game Saturday, you'll know why. You can't take all the stallion out of him. (Oh, and the Tennessee offensive line probably helps.)

At least he's humble
Because we all wanted to see a 10-foot high picture of Gary Danielson.

Dee Finley charge reduced to a misdemeanor
A for the record kind of thing since we reported the original charge.