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Year2's Half of the SEC Power Poll Vote

1. LSU

Still on top after the big win against Oregon.

2. Alabama

If another week goes by without any sign of improvement, I'll officially be worried about the offense.

3. Arkansas

Still up here because of my preseason biases, but they don't play anyone good enough to deserve it until Week 4.

4. South Carolina

They had to pull out all the stops to beat Georgia, and an uncharacteristic short field goal miss by Blair Walsh ended up being the margin. What a game.

5. Florida

The offense was completely different against UAB than it was against FAU (in a good way), but no one outside the UF fan base noticed. I can't decide if that is a good or bad thing.

6. Tennessee

The offense looks great, but I have serious doubts about the defense.

7. Auburn

It's like the movie monster that just keeps coming back no matter how many times you think you got it killed.

8. Mississippi State

Without significantly better players, there's only so far scheme can take a team. Unfortunately, the last time MSU had significantly better players, the program was about to be put on probation.

9. Georgia

This team could easily end up winning nine or ten games, but it's down right now.

10.  Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt beat a team that went to a BCS bowl last year. A whole lot of caveats apply to that statement, but for now, let's just let them have it.

11. Ole Miss

I never feel like a team deserves to be last this early in the season unless they've earned it. Ole Miss earned it last year with the Jacksonville State loss; I don't feel like the one-point loss to BYU is enough this year, but that's where we are.

12. Kentucky

It'd be nice if they played a game that didn't threaten to ruin the conference's reputation.