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PollGaze Week 3: We All Agree on Seven

Alabama has overtaken LSU in the AP Poll.
Alabama has overtaken LSU in the AP Poll.

The two major polls disagreed on the right number of SEC teams in the top 25, but they agree this week that the number is seven. The teams stretch from No. 2 to No. 25 this time around.

In the AP Poll, Alabama somehow jumped LSU for No. 2 despite having eight fewer first place votes. I guess the LSU doubters are more firm in their doubt than Alabama doubters are. South Carolina moved up one spot to 11 after beating Georgia, but that was because Virginia Tech slid a couple spots following a narrow win over ECU. Arkansas held firm at 14. Florida advanced two spots to 16, passing up sliding Ohio State and plunging Mississippi State. Auburn reappeared in the poll at 21 after sitting out last week. Mississippi State brings up the rear in 25, a slide of nine positions, after its close loss to AU.

Over in the Coaches Poll, Alabama and LSU remain in their same spots in that order behind Oklahoma. South Carolina and Virginia Tech traded places, moving the Gamecocks up a spot. No. 13 Arkansas, as in the other poll, didn't budge from last week's rank. Florida inched up one position to No. 17 as Mississippi State fell. Auburn was still in last week's Coaches' Poll, so it merely moved up three slots to its original rank of No. 19. Mississippi State is the caboose in this poll as well, falling eight spots to No. 25.

The Coaches' Poll is already up to its usual nonsense, ranking TCU 23rd and Baylor, who beat TCU, 24th. I guess the Frogs' win over Air Force was just that impressive. After two straight losses, Georgia is barely receiving any votes anymore, though Tennessee is getting a few now. The SEC will probably not get back to eight ranked teams barring some kind of unforeseen chaos elsewhere in the nation.