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Half the BlogPoll Ballot

I definitely overreacted to the Week 1 results in evaluating Week 2, so I'm torn as to how much to trust my preseason feelings or what I've seen. It's too early yet to do a full resume poll, so here's what I got right now.

1. LSU

2. Oklahoma

3. Alabama

4. Arkansas

5. Wisconsin

I think these are the top five teams in the country, and they could be put in any order. Well, any order with LSU at the top at least, as the win over Oregon is easily the best result of any of the games these five have had so far.

6. Boise State

7. FSU

8. Oklahoma State

9. Texas A&M

10. Stanford

Georgia's resurgence against South Carolina makes Boise look better. The win over Arizona pushes Oklahoma State ahead of its Central time zone friends, but most of these teams are also interchangeable at this point.

11. South Carolina

12. Nebraska

13. Virginia Tech

14. Oregon

15. Baylor

The Gamecocks got a big win, but they didn't look dominant. Nebraska also looked more human against Fresno State. Virginia Tech has to slide behind South Carolina given the ECU games between them. Oregon just proved that Nevada lost a lot. Baylor is too high here, but the TCU win is holding up well.

16. Michigan State

17. West Virginia

18. UCF

19. Houston

20. TCU

Michigan State looked better, but West Virginia is waiting to get exposed by a better team (paging Dr. Miles). UCF and Houston and pretty good, and TCU is better than it looked last week.

21. Arizona State

22. South Florida

23. Ohio State

24. Auburn

25. Mississippi State

You can take or leave these teams. There are 10 teams I could consider for these spots, and I really don't care much who goes here.