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SEC Football Topics for Discussion // Week 2

What happens to Mark Richt? There's no doubt that the Bulldogs looked better against South Carolina on Saturday than they did against Boise in the Georgia Dome. The question, of course, is whether that will be enough to give Mark Richt at least until the end of the season, and maybe beyond. There were also plenty of folks on the twitters last night who argued that it wasn't really Richt's fault that Georgia lost this one. You buying it?

Is Florida-Tennessee the next big game in the SEC East? South Carolina has played a quasi-real midmajor (ask Virginia Tech) and Georgia, while the Dawgs have played Boise and South Carolina. That caveat out of the way, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say that Florida and Tennessee have both looked better than their other SEC East contenders over the first two weeks. Do we need to reconsider the threats Florida and Tennessee could pose to now-purported front-runner South Carolina? And which team poses the greatest threat?

So do we have to take Vanderbilt at least somewhat seriously now? Let's not overreact; this was a Connecticut team that makes a habit of winning and losing close games no matter whom they play. But Vandy did score 10 points in the fourth, came from behind and defeated what technically remains a BCS AQ team. Are you now circling your team's date with Vanderbilt now? Or at least noticing where it is for the first time?

Was Mississippi State overrated or Auburn underrated? Both Year2 and I have been kind of down on Auburn, and I've obviously been pretty high on Mississippi State, but both those notions look kind of shaky after Saturday's game. By the way, your defending national champions now officially have the lead in the SEC West.

Who gets this week's worst performance, um, "award"? Let's give you the nominees, though this list is not exhaustive -- Kentucky, which struggled with Central Michigan; Mississippi State, for the Auburn loss; or Baylor on general principle.