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Mississippi State Vs. Auburn Preview: The Most Interesting SEC Network Game in the World

Mississippi St. Bulldogs vs. Auburn Tigers, 12:21 p.m. ET, SEC Network

I'm not sure that an SEC Network game has been this anticipated since the games were sponsored by Lincoln Financial. Sure, that's not a very high bar, and it's not like this one's going to decide a division, unlike another SEC game being played this weekend.

But there are still plenty of threads running into this game to make it intriguing. Auburn is looking to rebound after very nearly losing to Utah State last weekend. Mississippi State is trying to prove that it is for real this year in the SEC West. And these two teams have played a few games recently that were -- interesting.

Three of the past four games were decided by less than a touchdown. That, of course, includes the infamous 3-2 game in 2008 and last's three-point Auburn victory in a game that was far lower-scoring than any of us thought before Auburn knew exactly what it had in Cam Newton.

Once again, there's a chance for this team to turn into a track meet. Manny Diaz left Mississippi State for Texas at the end of last season; Ted Roof did not leave Auburn. That's what we call a perfect storm.

Points will be scored, but probably not that many. And Mississippi State's dreams of a run at the SEC West remain alive for another week.

Mississippi State 27, Auburn 24