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The Deciders: Aaron Murray Proves It Again // SEC 2011

The stats really aren't that impressive. Sure, they're great statistics, the kind that most quarterbacks would kill for. But they're not once-in-a-generation-talented kind of impressive.

Until you realize that Aaron Murray was a redshirt freshman last year. That's when his 61.1 percent completion rate, 3,049 yards and 24 passing touchdowns (to eight interceptions) become something truly special. And then when you realize that he did this with the best wide receiver on the team out for the opening four games, and that it was a team only good enough to go 6-7 with that performance from its quarterback, you begin to get an idea of why Murray is already getting some buzz as an elite quarterback.

The 3,049 passing yards, by the way, are tops in the Georgia freshman record books and the second-most for a freshman in SEC history. And the 28 touchdowns he was responsible for, counting four rushing scores, is tied for first in Georgia history -- period. You might remember the other part of that tandem, some guy named D.J. Shockley.

That's why Murray is at the center of any prediction that the Dawgs will come roaring out of the gate and return to contention in the SEC East. He'll have to do it without Green -- again -- but Murray's older and wiser now than he was to start off 2010. (And it was pretty obvious against South Carolina, and arguably in some of the other important early games, that the coaching staff was being very careful with Murray.)

There are plenty of quarterbacks getting a lot of hype this preseason who have proven a lot less than Aaron Murray. We've seen Murray in action. The kid is good, and there's no learning curve or guessing required.

Aaron Murray, 2010
209 342 61.1 3,049 24 8 154.48