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Get Your Pick 'Em Pool Picks In!

Yahoo! unlocked this week's games yesterday, so be sure to get your pick 'em selections in before Friday at 4:25 pm ET. That's the deadline for the earliest game of the week.

If you haven't joined up yet, see the instructions in this post. We've got a $10 weekly prize and a $50 grand prize this year courtesy of SBNation and GameDay Depot, so you don't want to miss out. Remember: I must have an email address for you in order to win any of the prizes. Make sure yours is either unlocked in the system or shoot me an email as per the instructions post.

Good luck to all!


Apparently the Yahoo! system was just borked last night; new entries are being accepted. So you can still sign up!

READ THIS: If you want to be sure that you can win a prize, shoot me an email ( at gmail dot com) with "TSK Pick Em Pool" in the title and your entry name in the body. That's the best way to ensure that I can contact the weekly winner.