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Josh Luchs: Will Lyles Told the NCAA the "Complete Truth"

Josh Luchs, the former agent who admitted to paying dozens of college athletes, had some interesting things to say about Will Lyles' confirmed meeting with the NCAA yesterday:

Think what u want of @willielyles but he has very solid documentation & now the NCAA has it all! Took guts 4 him 2 tell complete truth.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply


Luchs says his involvement here was merely to encourage Lyles come clean with the NCAA and also direct him to good lawyers. The legal representation is not about the NCAA but rather is in regards to some state laws about agents that might apply to Lyles. Luchs acknowledged that Lyles' changing stories might create a credibility problem, but stressed that Lyles does have some documentation to back up what he said.

As for the fallout, Luchs says that "some big time schools/coaches have some major explainin [sic] 2 [sic] do". When's Lisa Horne replied that she knew of two schools that wouldn't be happy to hear about this, obviously referring to LSU and Oregon, Luchs said she "may be missing a few". For what it's worth, Luchs doesn't think Cal is in any kind of trouble.

Lyles himself has said nothing about his interview, though he has expressed support for Luchs in the past. The NCAA has likely asked him not to publicly discuss his interview, as it commonly does for anyone involved in an investigation, so it may be some time before we know what he said. If you want any more information, well, Luchs referred Horne to the "guys @ yahoo" who are "always in the know".