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ESPN College GameDay 2011 Season Picks

ESPN's College GameDay crew did their 2011 season picks today, and some of them are a bit surprising. Here are all of their picks in one simple table:

Category Corso Herbstreit Howard
Big 12 Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Big East West Virginia USF USF
Big Ten Neb. over OSU OSU over Iowa Wisc. Over Neb.
Pac-12 Stan. over ASU Oregon over UCLA Oregon over ASU
SEC LSU over UGA Bama over USC Bama over UGA
National Champs OU over LSU Oregon over Bama FSU over Bama
Heisman* L. Jones (OU) L. James (Oregon) E.J. Manuel (FSU)


Chris Fowler picked Andrew Luck for the Heisman, but did not make any team picks.

The guys aren't believers in Trent Richardson for the Heisman, clearly, but they all do have SEC teams in the national championship game. None of them have the SEC's national championship streak continuing to six though.