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Mackey's Arrest Ends Ole Miss Quarterback Controversy, Brunetti to Start

What is it with SEC players and getting into bar fights after curfew lately?

Early yesterday morning, Ole Miss QB Randall Mackey participated in a "large fight" at Oxford's Lyric Bar. He ended up hitting a police officer who was trying to break it up, though fortunately the police don't believe it was intentional. As a result, Mackey only collected a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge.

Houston Nutt obviously expressed disappointment in his quarterback's judgment, while also explaining that he would not have given players Monday night off had he known there was a downtown party scheduled. Monday was the first day of class at Ole Miss.

As a result of the arrest, Nutt suspended Mackey for the opener against BYU. Nutt named Barry Brunetti as the starter for Week 1, saying he "has been the most consistent and accountable with things". You may remember that Nutt named Brunetti the leader coming out of spring practice despite his transfer issues preventing him from being able to participate in much of the session.

Nutt said that Zack Stoudt will also see time at quarterback in the opener.