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Just So You Know It's Out There

UPDATE: Others with sources at Texas A&M say the deal isn't done, but is all but done. I'd go with that.

UPDATE2 from Year2:'s Chip Brown got Texas A&M System spokesman Jason Cook to go on record as saying there is no agreement in place for the school to go to the SEC. Then again, Brown says he has three unnamed sources saying the TAMU Board of Regents will vote to move to the SEC at their scheduled meeting on August 22.

If this hadn't been such a topic of interest, I would never post this kind of stuff on the blog. I am not in any way staking my reputation or that of TSK on it. But the speculation just got real, according to a pay-walled story on the A&M Rivals site.

Texas has the Longhorn Network. Texas A&M has the SEC. is reporting that the Aggies have cast their lot with and have been accepted by the Southeastern Conference

Me? I'm not going to believe it until I hear Mike Slive or someone from A&M saying it's happened. This is just to keep you informed about the latest rumor. Proceed with caution. But some of you probably want to know.