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Conference Re-Draft Round Seven Complete

Things slowed down quite a bit thanks to the holiday weekend, but we did get the seventh round of the Conference Re-Draft Project completed yesterday. The results are as such:

  1. The 12 Pack: Clemson (Texas, Georgia, UCLA, Wisconsin, Washington, Duke)
  2. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: Illinois (Florida, Penn State, Virginia Tech, Miami-FL, Auburn, Kansas)
  3. The Empire: UConn (Alabama, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Arizona, Cal)
  4. Conference TMZ: Missouri (Ohio State, Florida State, Louisville, Michigan State, West Virginia, Maryland)
  5. House of a Thousand Sanctions: Pittsburgh (USC, Notre Dame, Oregon, Tennessee, Syracuse, Kentucky)
  6. Cult of Les Miles: Oklahoma State (LSU, Michigan, UNC, Stanford, Arkansas, Iowa)

The Cult also picked South Carolina at the same time, so the Gamecocks are off the board.

I couldn't believe UConn was still on the board. It's a member of college basketball royalty, and they're happy to be here. We're glad to have you in here too. Our core football schools are the best of all the conferences, we have two great basketball cornerstones, and all of the programs are top-50 in average Director's Cup finish.

From here, there are a number of ways we can go. To pick up some football without much else, there's Boise State and TCU. To add to the baseball side, there's Arizona State and Oregon State. Georgia Tech would move us into Georgia, Hawaii would be everyone's dream road trip, and Virginia would drastically increase our lacrosse cred. Any thoughts on who should be our next selection?