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Sprints Makes the Will Lyles Watch List // 07.08.11

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Yes, we know that your favorite team's entire roster is on some watch list
There are dozens of names on most of those watch lists. (The Biletnikoff list has a total of 75 names.) We'll start paying attention when semifinalists are announced.

Could LSU get drug into the Willie Lyles investigation?
You knew it was coming on some level, but Will Lyles is inching closer to drawing the Bayou Bengals into one of the NCAA's fifty sprawling investigations.

I know (LSU head coach) Les Miles, and he knows me.

I'm sure it's just that he knows of Miles. Yeah, that's it.

This was bound to happen. Lyles name has come up before, though somewhat tangentially, in connection with LSU. The question is whether Lyles has the kind of goods on LSU that he appears to have on Oregon.

If nothing else, we now have a name for the game in Jerry Jones' Death Star this fall. The Lyles Bowl.

Alabama announces surgery everyone knew was coming
As expected, Dee Hart went under the knife. And Nick Saban tells us almost nothing. "His status for the upcoming season will be determined at a later date"? Thanks.

Neiron Ball expected to miss the season
Given what Ball is fighting, getting through the year alive is going to be stressful enough. Thoughts and prayers.

Les Miles will have something new to taste in a few years
Vanderbilt Stadium is getting some fresh Bermuda grass. LSU plays Vanderbilt again in 2014 and 2015, so it'll take a few years before the final tests are done.

It also gives him a chance to thrash an ACC team
The ACC and SEC Blog takes a look at whether Alabama's seemingly annual appearances in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff are helping the Crimson Tide recruit in Georgia. The answer is kind of mixed. Recruiting has improved, but it's not like Nick Saban is still the state's entire Top 20 or anything. And few of those players seem to be making much of a dent in the Bama depth chart.

Anything I say about this is going to cause controversy
So let's just say that Kevin O'Sullivan was named coach of the year by Baseball America despite the fact that he didn't win a national championship or keep his program from being dissolved. Why did I bring up those two possible actions? No reason.

It'll look lovely next to the Confederate flags and outrageous Fritz Hollings statements
The South Carolina State Museum is going to display some Gamecocks memorabilia from the back-to-back College World Series runs.

And by 'immediate,' we mean give us a month or two
No one has been interviewed to replace Mike Hamilton as athletics director. Which means the super-double-secret talks with Heath Shuler are so totally going on right now.

Is Savannah State Unviersity going on a panty raid?
Savannah State has canned its athletics director. They have hired a consultant. You will want to read the name of that consultant for yourself.

Two people knowledgeable about the situation, who requested anonymity, confirmed that Savannah State has hired former University of Georgia athletics director Damon Evans as a consultant to assess Savannah State’s athletics department.

Because I can think of no better person to help turn around an athletics department than Damon Evans. But I'd skip the celebratory cocktail reception.