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Arkansas Compliance at Work

In the past year-plus of college athletics, compliance has been a major issue. Both participants of last year's national championship game are under investigation, as are other high profile programs like Ohio State, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

Keeping track of athletes is no easy task, especially in the realm of social media. We've already seen the impact it has, with Marvin Austin's Twitter indiscretions opening a Pandora's box of violations in Chapel Hill. Many compliance departments have Twitter accounts now, in part to help them stay on top of what student-athletes are up to.

Some of them go beyond just playing the role of the lurking police officer, though. The best one in my opinion is Texas A&M compliance director Brad Barnes, but Arkansas compliance isn't too far behind. They both participate in discussion of compliance issues and will helpfully respond to your questions.

Yesterday evening, Arkansas' compliance posted this photo of Cobi Hamilton in uniform working at what appears to be an Applebee's restaurant, captioned with "Student-Athlete Employment spot checks! One of the hardest working WR's in the nation right here folks!" It's a glimpse into how compliance departments work on a day-to-day basis, and Arkansas fans should be happy to see this sort of thing. Spot checks could have saved some other schools trouble in the past.

Bud Elliott of SBN's FSU site Tomahawk Nation saw the tweet and then asked what's in place to keep a booster from tipping a ridiculous amount as a way of giving players who work as waiters extra benefits. It's a good question, given all the creative ways there are to funnel money to players these days. The person running the feed replied that it's Hamilton's job to stop that from happening, and that players get told what general going rates for the jobs they take are. They also added that the school tells businesses that employ student-athletes what's allowed and what isn't. The goal is to educate as many people as possible.

Maybe you don't care about this sort of thing, but I love getting to peek behind the curtain of college sports to see what goes on behind. If you are a Twitter-oriented person, give @RazorbackRules a follow. It supplies good information, and it appears to be run by one of the compliance departments that's doing things right.