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With New Coaches Getting Started, Who's on Florida's Depth Chart? // SEC 2011

Wideout Quinton Dunbar can play. Now Florida just needs someone who can throw Dunbar the ball.
Wideout Quinton Dunbar can play. Now Florida just needs someone who can throw Dunbar the ball.

Changing systems sometimes produces upheaval in the depth chart, something that might become more apparent with Florida as we get closer to the start of the 2011 season. That makes it a bit more difficult to project who might have the best year once the new bosses are in charge. But there are a couple of players that could help spark an offensive turnaround, and one Florida will definitely miss on the other side of the ball.

I could have gone with either Rainey or LB Jonathan Bostic, but the defense is probably going to be solid in Gainesville this year. It's the offense that's going to need some help. Rainey is in a position to provide that help as the only player on the team to average more than 100 all-purpose yards last year -- 101.4 yards per game.

The caveat that comes with that, of course, is that Rainey was only in eight games. The five games he missed included two of Florida's lowest-scoring efforts of the year, though it's not like the Gators were tiring the scorekeeper when Rainey was on the field. Rainey also missed the heart of the schedule, which probably has as much to do with the Gators going 2-3 while Rainey was gone as did the wideout's absence.

KEY LOSS | SS Ahmad Black
On a team which had nothing much outside of the defense to speak of, Black was maybe the best player on that defense. Black had a team-leading 108 tackles, 11 of those for loss, and five interceptions. (In fact, the only one of those stats that didn't lead the team was the tackle for loss number, which came up one short.) Black also recovered two fumbles and broke up five passes. He was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to play professional football, whenever they begin playing professional football again.

This is a name that probably won't ring many bells outside of Gainesville, but Dunbar spent the spring shooting up the Florida depth chart. Dunbar didn't catch a ball last year, but coaches have made it clear that the sophomore will be one of the key downfield threats for a team that badly needs downfield threats. Dunbar's life would be a lot easier if there were a little more certainty about the quarterback position.