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Sprints Would Get the Cam Newton Jeopardy! Question After Trying Out for Georgia RB // 07.19.11

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Some would argue that there's not much of a difference

(HT: Kegs 'n Eggs)

'And now, for his next trick, Mark Richt will attempt to play the entire 2011 season without a tailback'
Or at least one that has any experience. Carlton Thomas is out for at least one game for reasons that aren't entirely clear. That doesn't mean that things are going to go spinning out of control for Georgia, unless it becomes a persistent problem and the youngsters aren't ready to take over.

Meanwhile, I realize that the AJC has been hit perhaps as hard as any paper in the nation in the industry's cost-cutting binge, but what the heck have they been doing over there? They miss the Georgia Tech things for months, and are just now finding out about this.

The junior from Frostproof, Fla., was punished for violating team rules in the spring, three persons familiar with the situation confirmed to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. [Emphasis added.]

Let's see if Mark Richt acknowledges this at Media Days or tries to dance around it.

Kyle is taking this remarkably well

Every running back we have is going to transfer, flunk out, get suspended, or otherwise cease to serve as a fully functional football player. That "missing man" formation Mark Richt used in the recruitment of Isaiah Crowell? Prophetic! We’re just going to line up with ten men on offense, and Mike Bobo is going to surprise everyone by following up first and bomb with second and bomb, third and bomb, and fourth and bomb. That’s right, no punting!

I'm not sure that wouldn't be a notable improvement in Mike Bobo's playcalling.

Leave Bobby Petrino and his family alone
Nick Petrino was arrested. He used to be a relatively minor member of the Arkansas football team, but isn't any more. This is really not news. So, yes, I'm agreeing with Bobby Petrino about this.

My family will trust and respect the legal system and will not comment outside that process. Becky and I ask that you appreciate and respect the private nature of this issue and understand our lack of further comment.

Any human should.