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Sprints Tries to Avoid the NCAA Hammer Hitting Georgia Tech, LSU // 07.15.11

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LSU helping NCAA on its Will Lyles investigation
It is certainly a coincidence that LSU announced Thursday it is cooperating with the NCAA's investigation of Will Lyles and his involvement in college football scouting. Again, this has nothing to do with the NCAA hammering Georgia Tech for failing to cooperate with an investigation there or with the rumors that a story was set to hit an SEC West program as soon as Friday.

The material LSU received from Complete Scouting Services consisted of two types: (1) DVDs containing game footage or highlights on prospects, and (2) typewritten pages containing basic data on prospects. ...

LSU issued a check in the amount of $6,000 on December 21, 2010 to pay for these services from Complete Scouting Services.[para] LSU will make no further comment at this time regarding these matters.

LSU paying Lyles isn't necessarily new information. That wouldn't necessarily be a violation of NCAA rules in and of itself, unless it was paying him for something other than scouting services. Which means that anyone has to use extreme caution in drawing conclusions, especially as long as LSU isn't commenting on the situation anymore.

And then they commented -- sorta
And by commenting, I mean they didn't answer any of the somewhat logical questions that followed their statement.

Vincent would not say how many of LSU's coaches were questioned or if head coach Les Miles was included in the interviews.

"I couldn't comment on that," he said. Miles was not available for comment on Thursday. ...

Asked if the NCAA was investigating LSU, Vincent said, "I can't comment. I don't want to position it." ...

Vincent was unclear why LSU would receive material from Lyles that was not requested.

"I couldn't answer that," he said.

So to recap: Les Miles might or might not have been one of the coaches interviewed in what might or might not be an NCAA investigation into materials provided by Lyles, some of which inexplicably ended up in LSU's possession. Obviously nothing to see here.

In news we reported yesterday ...
Georgia will move Richard Samuel back to running back, where he started his career back in 2008.

"I’m excited about the opportunity at tailback," Samuel said in a statement. "I’m ready to do anything that will help the team win."

Which is a laudable thing. The question is how much it actually will help Georgia.

Derek Dooley is actually right about something
This space is not known for agreeing with Dooley frequently, but here's one thing on which we can. Why aren't coaches allowed to observe offseason workouts again?

No jokes
Former Alabama and Auburn players and coaches are getting together for a flag-football game to help raise money for the tornado relief.

Tennessee used to be elite
But now all the players that made it great are apparently in the NFL.

Nu'Keese Richardson arrested. Yet again
This time for failure to appear in court for a traffic infraction.