NCAA Smacks Georgia Tech for Obstructionism


The NCAA has handed down a penalty to Georgia Tech including four years probation and vacation of its 2009 ACC championship due to a variety of violations. The worst in the NCAA's eyes was GT's lack of cooperation through the investigation process, including tipping off a football player regarding what the NCAA would interview him about after being told not to. The football staff even chose to play the two players involved after being told by the NCAA their eligibility could be in question. The basketball team also had some violations. Hit the link for full details of the infractions and penalties. So if you're counting along at home, that makes three conference championships that have vaporized this year: this one along with USC's 2005 Pac-10 title and Ohio State's 2010 Big Ten title. It makes you wonder if any more are coming. In any event, the NCAA was trying to send a message about cooperation. As CBS's Brett McMurphy noted, the NCAA report contains this line: "This case provides a cautionary tale of the conduct that member institutions should avoid while under investigation for violations of NCAA rules." Yikes.

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