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Conference Re-Draft Project Round 8 Done

The eighth round of the Conference Re-Draft project is done, so our empire has expanded by one. Here's how the round went down:

  1. Cult of Les Miles: South Carolina (LSU, Michigan, UNC, Stanford, Arkansas, Iowa, Oklahoma St.)
  2. House of a Thousand Sanctions: BYU (USC, Notre Dame, Oregon, Tennessee, Syracuse, Kentucky, Pitt)
  3. Conference TMZ: Utah (Ohio St., Florida St., Louisville, Michigan St., West Virginia, Maryland, Missouri)
  4. The Empire: Arizona State (Alabama, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Arizona, Cal, UConn)
  5. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: TCU (Florida, Penn St., Virginia Tech, Miami-FL, Auburn, Kansas, Illinois)
  6. The 12 Pack: Virginia (Texas, Georgia, UCLA, Wisconsin, Washington, Duke, Clemson)

This was perhaps our toughest and most contentious pick yet. cocknfire lobbied hard for TCU, wanting to get the Frogs' great football program into the fold. Arizona State won out among the rest of the steering committee thanks to having a great baseball program, better than average football (generally), and a great overall athletics program. It also gives Arizona a rival and solidifies our position out west.

The 12 Pack has also selected Boston College to begin the ninth round.

Seeing as how TCU is off the board, we'll have to go a different direction with the next pick. Boise State is out there for football and not much else; Oregon State is out there for baseball and not much else. USF or UCF would get us into Florida; Georgia Tech would get us into Georgia. Hawaii is a great road trip, Colorado has lovely mountains, and Minnesota is the best Director's Cup school left (yes, really). What say you?