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Sprints is Trying to Get Back on the Horse, Like Kentucky // 07.01.11


Because we didn't have enough football uniforms devoted to horses
Kentucky has some new, high-tech uniforms. And the inspiration is slightly, um, interesting.

Dee Scott, Nike’s global licensing director, said the new uniforms had three points of inspiration: Kentucky’s upset of No. 10 South Carolina last season, the uniforms worn by Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant’s 1950 Cats who went 11-1 and beat Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl, and Secretariat.

Now there's a heady brew. It's one part letdown game after knocking the other team's best offensive player out of the game, one part reminder that you haven't been a great football team in 61 years and one part horse. It's like some sort of nighmarish mash-up of Phil Knight and a centaur.

At least they didn't do something like inadvertently incorporate a rival's tradition into the uniform. Oops.

Harvey Updyke will go to trial in November
That's the same month as the Iron Bowl. That should go well. And, yes, I can guarantee that he will file a motion to allow him to go to the game if the trial threatens to conflict with it.

This is just sad
And we seem to have a winner in the most nausea-inducing SEC arrest of the year. Deontae Skinner, come on down.

Skinner and Jasmine Foote of Macon were arrested June 5 at The Pointe apartments in Starkville. Both were charged with simple domestic assault. The couple, who have a child, had "phyiscal marks" on their bodies, according to a police report filed with the Oktibbeha County Sheriff’s Office.

If two human beings want to engage in mutually destructive behavior, that's their own business. But not when there's a child involved. In that case, both of them need to grow up.

Charges begin in house party before Aaron Douglas' death
None of the charges, though, were directly linked to Douglas' tragic, apparently drug-induced death.

Someone 'menaced' Trent Richardson as part of a hit-and-run
Someone is not very smart.

The last time they did this, Alabama won a national championship
The Tide will play Virginia Tech in the Georgia Dome for the 2013 opener. As always, subject to change.

Florida also won at the College World Series
The Gators' strong showing in Omaha means they will win the Capital One Cup.

John Cohen gets a well-deserved extension and raise
He made Mississippi State baseball relevant again, so the contract improvements are well justified.


UCF Athletics Association guilty in wrongful death of Ereck Plancher
The cost: Probably $11.5 million when attorneys' fees are paid, so I hope that's worth George O'Leary being able to pretend he's Bear Bryan working out the Junction Boys.

This has to be addressed in a nationwide forum, though. Football players have to be tough and ready to play the game, but that doesn't mean they should have to die to get the conditioning necessary to match those standards. That's what the case really tells us.

And it's the only way this sad saga can have any kind of truly just ending.

NCAA will pay attention to math in creating new bowl games
Since they've already made it virtually impossible for enough FBS teams to qualify for the postseason without wins against the FCS, and because of the whole Fiesta Bowl corruption saga, the NCAA has finalized its moratorium on new bowl games. Getting rid of the some of the old ones would be nice, as well.

BCS antitrust nonsense still happening
Bill Hancock met with the Department of Justice. Again, if you have any sense, you do not want the government to decide this argument. College football fans should be able to decide it on their own.