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Sprints Just Wants to Help Phillip Fulmer Help Tennessee // 06.09.11

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And he didn't even stab anyone in the back for this one
While implying that he's not going to campaign for the job, Phillip Fulmer is most certainly campaigning for the job of Tennessee athletics director. Step one of any candidacy: Hint at the candidacy while saying you'll only do it if you're needed. Check.

We'll see what the feelings are of the people there at the university and the decision-makers, and that's simply where we are right now. I'm not politicking for the job, and I don't need a job. But if I can help my university, I'm interested in doing that any way I can.

And while Fulmer might very well be telling the truth when he says he has no bitterness left over his exit from Knoxville, there has to be a feeling of what goes around, comes around for the Great Pumpkin. Now, you'll excuse Johnny Majors while he scrapes his head off the ceiling.

Not that it would be perfect
In a generally positive post, Rocky Top Talk also points out some of the pitfalls of a Fulmer hire.

But is it a good idea? Fulmer has no experience from an administration or non-football standpoint. He's clearly an old school guy, though that's not to say he couldn't adapt where needed. And it would create, shall we say, an interesting dynamic for Derek Dooley, to have a boss who was on that sideline just three seasons ago.

This could only be half as awkward as Dooley's refusal while talking to reporters to even acknowledge that Lane Kiffin was head coach the year before he took over. In any case, RTT also points out that Dooley is a lot more like Fulmer than Kiffin is.

Earlier on TSK: Phillip Fulmer Interested In Tennessee AD Job
Year2's take.


The SEC is apparently poor
Note the sarcasm as we introduce the new story about how the SEC's 15-year plan doesn't look quite as mind-boggling as it once did now that the Pac-12 deal is done.

First of all, as we've said about a million times now, it's hard to compare the value of the SEC deal with the value of other conferences' deal because of the digital rights and other properties that the league held onto when it signed its contract with ESPN. Secondly, as the article points out, the SEC's deal with ESPN makes it probably the most distributed conference in the nation. That drives up the revenues from things like jersey sales and name recognition in ways that don't show up as part of the deal but are part of the rewards of the contract.

All that said, if Slive can get more money out of ESPN, no one can really complain. It's just that as the last few years show, it's best to carefully consider what you're going to do before putting anything in writing.

Where is Russell Wilson going?
Some sources say he's headed to Madison, Wisconsin. Others say he hasn't made that decision -- at least not yet.

It got awkward when Cecil Newton asked how much money Cam was getting to be there
The Auburn football team made the traditional stop at the White House to be congratulated by President Barack Obama.

The Texas Rangers are a truly classy organization
Talk about how little draft picks are worth to MLB teams if you want, but essentially burning one just to nod toward a paralyzed student who had a great career is something else.

"He's a great kid and he's going through a terrible time in his life and we thought this would be something to uplift him," Kip Fagg, the Rangers' director of amateur scouting, told's Richard Durrett. "I've seen the kid play since high school, he was a great player at Georgia."

To all those who think that sports are unimportant.

Terrelle Pryor headed to the CFL?
If so, it's only appropriate that he would join the Roughriders, given that he knows a thing or two about rides.