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The Remarkable Consistency of Peyton Manning

I was doing some browsing around on the college football section of, apropos of nothing, this morning. I was looking at some Heisman winners and finalists from the past, and that eventually led me to Peyton Manning's page.

One thing jumped out at me more than anything else: the guy was remarkably consistent in the realm of passing efficiency. Putting everything else away, here's how he progressed in his career:

Season Pass Eff.
1994 145.2
1995 146.5
1996 147.7
1997 147.7

Across four years of school and 1381 passes thrown, Manning's passing efficiency stayed in the same window of about 2.5 in width. He didn't have a bad freshman year followed by growth like with Matthew Stafford, nor early success with a late taper on the end as with Tim Tebow. Manning just got the job done at a good rate his whole career without a lot of ups and downs.

Besides Manning's obvious brilliance, I think Tennessee fans would take someone like him who gets the job done without a lot of fluctuations these days, no?