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Swamp Sweep: Florida Gators Advance to Super Regionals in the NCAA Baseball Tournament

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It has been a remarkably successful NCAA baseball tournament so far, even by the SEC's standards. Every league team to make the tournament will play in the finals of its regional and, as of this writing, no SEC team has lost today. But Florida's win against Miami puts the first SEC team into the Super Regionals.

The 11-4 game was all but over by the end of the third inning. Florida pushed across eight runs in that frame to build an 11-run cushion. The Gators gave bits and pieces of that lead back, particularly in a harrowing eighth, but never enough that the game was seriously in doubt.

Florida now waits to find out which opponent it will face in the Gainesville Super Regional; the Gators are guaranteed home-field advantage as a national seed. It could be an all-SEC match-up if Mississippi State wins either of its final two games against Georgia Tech.

Neither of the teams playing in Atlanta is likely eager for the challenge. As the Gators demonstrated in a clean sweep of the Regional, it will be hard to defeat Florida in the confines of its own stadium. Whether it will be any easier if and when Florida moves on to Omaha is another question, one the Western Division Bulldogs or the Yellow Jackets hope we'll never have answered.