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NCAA Baseball Tournament, Day 2: Most SEC Teams Are Safe, But a Few Have to Worry

It's a double elimination format, which means that the teams who lost yesterday are on their last chance. We'll go with them first before turning to the teams that can afford to drop a game. Join the open thread if you have a chance.

RPI: 16 Corvallis RPI: 56 4 ARK LITTLE ROCK
4.95 Team ERA 3.38
.719 Team OPS .751
Levi Hyams
Offensive Star Myles Parma

The Dawgs are one of the few SEC teams facing elimination today, squaring off with Arkansas Little Rock to find out who will continue in the tournament. This is SEC vs. Sun Belt, which means Georgia should be on familiar ground here, but baseball is not football. (4 p.m. ET, ESPN3)

RPI: 14 Tempe RPI: 131 4 NEW MEXICO
3.20 Team ERA 5.86
.742 Team OPS .700
Dominic Ficociello
Offensive Star D.J. Peterson

Even for an SEC West team, the Lobos shouldn't be hard to beat. New Mexico is now 20 games under break-even after losing the first game of the tournament. They even had a losing record in the Mountain West, which isn't exactly known as a baseball powerhouse. (5 p.m. ET)

RPI: 3 Gainesville RPI: 15 2 MIAMI
2.94 Team ERA 3.26
.839 Team OPS .768
Mike Zunino
Offensive Star Zeke DeVoss

In some ways, it's great to have a rivalry show up in the Regionals. But Florida would probably rather pass on facing an ACC team that almost could have been a national seed based on their RPI. (4 p.m. ET, ESPNU)

3 ALABAMA RPI: 35 Tallahassee RPI: 5 1 FLORIDA STATE
3.72 Team ERA 3.60
.738 Team OPS .848
Taylor Dugas
Offensive Star James Ramsey

Alabama gets the toughest second-game draw of any league team. The Seminoles are a national seed. But the Tide and other conference teams -- aside from Georgia and Arkansas -- have the advantage of having won the first game, giving them room for another loss. (6 p.m. ET, Sun Sports)

RPI: 6 Columbia RPI: 23 2 STETSON
2.62 Team ERA 3.77
.813 Team OPS .786
Christian Walker
Offensive Star Nick Rickles

Not that the Hatters are an easy team to face. Stetson is a high-quality opponent for the Gamecocks, and Rickles has numbers that resemble the pre-new bats era. But Stetson is a balanced team (7 p.m. ET)

RPI: 30 Atlanta RPI: 119 4 AUSTIN PEAY
4.30 Team ERA 5.27
.773 Team OPS .844
Jarrod Parks
Offensive Star Jordan Hankins

This is something of an unlikely winners' bracket, especially in the case of Austin Peay. The Governors knocked off Georgia Tech in the first game in one of the biggest upsets of the first round. So while they aren't that great, they're dangerous. (7 p.m. ET, CSS)

RPI: 4 Nashville RPI: 50 3 TROY
2.44 Team ERA 3.70
.855 Team OPS .827
Aaron Westlake
Offensive Star Tyler Hannah

The Dores' annihilated Belmont and now turn their attention to Troy, another underdog in the Nashville Regional. If they stay on the track they've been on during the postseason, the Commodores should be fine, but Troy can't be overlooked. (8 p.m. ET)